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Welcome to Trinity United Methodist Church

Welcome to Trinity UMC. Located in the heart of Fort Wayne, IN, Trinity is a community of believers who Love God, Love People. We are so grateful that you have taken a few moments to learn more about Trinity and our ministries.

Located at 609 Putnam Street in the Wells Street Corridor, Trinity is an “old” church in terms of our inception and building. However, we are excited about the fresh move of the Spirit and the “new” things God is doing in and through us. It is an exciting time here at Trinity; we cannot wait to see what God will do next.

More than anything, we at Trinity want to be a safe space for people wrestling with their faith. “Doubt is not toxic to faith, silence is.” Many here find themselves in different places along the journey. We welcome all those who are curious, questioning, doubting, and/or growing in their unique faith journeys.

Maybe you have never been a “church” goer before. Here at Trinity, you will find a relaxed atmosphere where you can come and be yourself. You will find that you belong from the very start. We hope to be a safe place to wrestle with some of faith’s biggest questions, a place where your questions are safe to ask, and answers are safe to explore.

Maybe it has been a while since you have been a part of a community of faith. Great, we love the fact that you are thinking about continuing in your faith journey and hope that your time at Trinity will be a source of hope and encouragement along the way.

Maybe you have been a believer all your life. At Trinity, you will find many others who are in this category. Our goal is to become more like Jesus through our words and actions. We welcome your participation and look forward to learning from one another.

Please feel free to explore our updated website. Wherever and whenever you are comfortable, Trinity welcomes you with open arms. We believe as Henri Nouwen once said that “judgment and compassion cannot co-exist.” We do not have a monopoly on the truth, but we do have a community full of people who walk beside each other as we seek to Love God, Love People.

Grace and Peace,

David Abbott

Lead Pastor

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