In 1875 the decision was made to plant a church in the Bloomingdale area of Fort Wayne.  The congregation began at that time with small home gatherings.  After outgrowing two early buildings on Cass Street, land was purchased at Putnam and Short Streets in 1919 on which to build a “grand edifice”.  The new building was dedicated in 1922.  As the congregation grew and more space was needed the west wing was added in 1959.  With classrooms on the main floor and a gymnasium/kitchen on the second, this space became a social center for the church and surrounding community.  With this addition the church started to become more involved in fulfilling the needs of the people nearby.  A food bank program and thrift shop were established.  Space was given for groups, such as AA and NA, to meet.  Various youth programs were added over time.  In the basement level a learning center and welcome area has been established.  A community meals program was implemented to serve the community. In 2025 the church congregation will celebrate 150 years of community involvement.